A Pub Forged In Passion, History and Tradition

Arthur Willcocks

We have traced our Pub history back five generations to 1878 when our ancestors owned and operated The Huxley Brewery Co. and a number of pubs in the area surrounding the small village of Huxley in Cheshire’s northwest England.  In 1906, The Huxley Brewery was bought out by rivals forcing one of the sons, our great-great grandfather J.W. Huxley to move south to Guildford as the Head Brewer for Friary, Holroyd and Healy’s Brewery.  J.W. was a music lover and in 1922 formed and financed the Friary Guildford Brass Band (still playing today).  He married Melissa Bruton and had 11 children but, while details are lost to history, unfortunately 9 died young.   Their only surviving daughter, Martha Mary, who also loved music, was swept off her feet by our great grandfather, Frederich Goddard, a traveling singer/performer and consummate ladies man.  Their middle child, Martha May, our grandmother, married the love of her life, Arthur Willcocks in 1928.

Arthur is the grandfather of owners Brad, Lyall and Corinne Willcocks.  He was a survivor of both Great Wars, life assurance and insurance salesman by profession, Captain of his golf club, Captain of his cricket club, dedicated husband and father, philanthropist, antique collector and gardener.  Arthur was a proper English gentleman and a great inspiration to us all.

During a 1988 visit from England, Arthur helped celebrate the Grand Opening of our original Arthur’s Restaurant.   We now re-dedicate Arthur’s Pub in his honour hoping that you find it as warm and inviting as Arthur would have wanted it to be – welcoming all to eat, drink and socialize.

Arthur still watches over us all today from his picture over the fireplace.  Taken in 1968, Arthurs is clothed in the robes and wearing the Badge of Office of the Master of the Company of the Cordwainer’s Guild of London, England.  In 1981 he became “Father of the Company” (which means he was the eldest living past master), a title held until his passing in 1989 at 89 years of age.  Being on the Livery of the Cordwainer’s is an honour and rite of service, passed down through our father, Ken to both Brad and Lyall along with the Freedom of the City of London which we hope will be carried on through future generations.

Arthur’s Pub will carry on the tradition of service by supporting local charities and organizations throughout Northumberland.  Speak to us about ideas on how we can work together!

Our Transformation

Arthur’s Restaurant featuring Arthur’s Den sure has come a long way! Humble begins are the foundation to the happy future of Arthur’s Pub.

With over three times the original bar top, Arthur’s Pub always has room  for you and plenty of friends! Come Eat! Drink! Socialize!